Tongue is your enemy: 8 kissing mistakes we make

In childhood, numerous were interested in the concern of how people manage not to choke throughout a kiss and whether the nose does not interfere with this. Now we currently understand what does not interfere, and we still manage to make other errors.

Too much language

It’s not that it should not be there at all, however you do not require to push it into your partner’s mouth as if he were going to move there. The tongue should be a spice, not a main course. When there is too much of it, your partner may seem like they are chewing on a jellyfish. Complement your kiss with a gentle touch of your tongue against your partner’s tongue and lips.

Slobbering sea

A delicate moment, to be sure. You need to prevent food that provokes salivation prior to kissing. Do not even look at lemons!

You shouldn’t go starving either, since as quickly as you see the food, your body will right away provide you a signal that you need it URGENTLY THERE!

Grinding teeth

That awful ceramic teeth banging noise – brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s practically as unpleasant as the occasional rasp of a fork on a plate. To prevent it, simply keep your teeth out. Don’t kiss like you’re attempting to bite off a big piece of cake.

With eyes wide open

This is, obviously, a matter of taste, however some kissing a person who looks at you with unblinking eyes appears a little … scary. Throughout a kiss, individuals want to relax, they do not want to become the subject of macro photography.

Shy act

Do not be too shy – your passivity or indecision may be viewed as aversion to kiss, not flirtation. Respond to the kiss, be, so to speak, involved in the procedure.

In a hurry, you will not get enjoyment

Individuals kiss for the sake of the procedure, not the outcome. And what is the outcome? In a kiss, you can express a substantial variety of feelings and feelings that you feel for an individual. A fast, crumpled kiss can leave an unpleasant residue of disinterest.

In all its splendour

Even if the lip gloss smells excellent, it is not a truth that it will taste as scrumptious. So it’s much better to kiss “unarmed”. The sticky lips that run down his face won’t bring joy to either of you.

Just no hands

“Hands at the seams” is not about kissing. Hands are given to you to welcome, and development has actually reserved your thumb so that you can carefully position it on your enthusiast’s cheekbones when your lips are linked. But seriously, connect your hands: hug and stroke.


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